DC gearmotors

Depending on the application required,  customer can choose from DC worm gearmotors, DC planetary gearmotors and DC parallel axles gearmotors. The gear box can be realized in zama or polyamide, while the gears cascade is  in acetal resin or steel. All our models have a bi-directional, permanent-magnet  motor and they are characterized by a life-time lubrication that can be personalized according to the final use. Thanks to the wide range of different motors  and to the various combinations of gear ratios, for each range of gearmotors there is the possibility to choose the more suitable output speed for the final application. Some applications: burners and pellet stoves, agricultural machinery, food processing machinery, coffee machines, vending, automation, industrial equipments.

AC gearmotors

The range of 230V AC 50 Hz gear motors has a single – phase asynchronous motor and it  is characterized for a high mechanical robustness. The gear box is made by zama. It is available with or without output shaft. Some applications: burners and pellet stoves, roasters, food processing machinery, vending, industrial equipments. CE certified.

Wire feeders

Nuova Kiwi wire feeders are assembled with two or four rollers. Designed to be employed  in economic and semi-professional continuous wire welding machines, they are appreciated for their high degree of reliability and the excellent price/quality ratio. The basic models of our wire feeders are available with motors whose powers are between 15 W and 100 W; there is also a series of replacement rolls with grooves from Ø 0,6 to Ø 1,2 mm and in aluminium too.

Electronic MGT accessories

The electronic management accessories have been designed to be matched with our gearmotors and wire feeders, in order to provide an added value to the product. Equipped with a potentiometer, the speed control card has a maximum load of  4,0 A.  Coupled to the engine, the dual-channel electromagnetic encoder is used to control robotic systems, the positioning of transportation and handling system, as well as in any application that needs the control of speed and position.